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Norton Commando 750 / 850

Stainless steel

fasteners for

Norton Commando's.

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  • ***Full stainless kit!!*** (includes all the below, please tell us which Commando when ordering)
    £ 430.00
  • Engine C1 Exhaust rocker cover nuts (4)
    £ 4.85
  • Engine C3 Inlet rocker cover nut (1)
    £ 3.31
  • Engine C5 Bolts for rocker cover plates (8)
    £ 4.23
  • Engine C5a Rocker spindle cover plates (4)
    £ 6.00
  • Engine C6 Cylinder head bolts nuts and washers (16)
    £ 20.23
  • Engine C7 Carb banjo bolt
    Dome head
    £ 3.17
  • Engine C8 Rocker feed banjo bolt
    Dome head
    £ 3.36
  • Engine C9 Cylinder head sleeve nuts (pair)
    £ 10.00
  • Engine C13 Headsteady allen screws and washers (3)
    £ 7.24
  • Engine C14 Cylinder base nuts (850 models only) and washers (5)
    £ 4.77
  • Engine C16 Allen screws for rev counter drive (2)
    £ 0.99
  • Engine C17 Timing cover allen screws (12)
    £ 9.50
  • Engine C19 MkIII Primary chaincase allen screws (13)
    £ 13.01
  • Engine C20 Primary case center nut
    £ 3.00
  • Engine C21 Points cover allen screws (2)
    £ 1.10
  • Engine C24 Crank set. MkIII
    £ 38.85
  • Engine C24a Crank set Pre MKIII
    £ 37.48
  • Engine C30 Selflock nuts & washers for rear Isolastic stud
    £ 3.97
  • Gearbox C31 Outer cover allen screws (5)
    £ 9.65
  • Gearbox C31 As above slotted original (5)
    £ 4.19
  • Gearbox C32 Domed nut & washer for kickstart pedal + Friction washer
    £ 1.54
  • Gearbox C33 Kickstart lever clamp bolt & washer
    £ 1.87
  • Gearbox C34 Gear lever clamp bolt washer nut (Not Mk.III)
    £ 1.76
  • Gearbox C35 Bolt & washer for gear pointer
    £ 1.21
  • Gearbox C36 Inspection cover allen screws (2)
    £ 1.04
  • Gearbox C37 Drain plug (1)
    £ 2.10
  • Gearbox C38 Level plug
    £ 0.72
  • Gearbox C47 Mk.III gear lever pinch bolt & washer
    £ 0.52
  • Front End C48 Bar clamp allen screws (4)
    £ 4.67
  • Front End C49 Screws spring washers pivot bolts nuts for all handlebar controls Pre Mk.III...7.44 Mk.III...
    £ 7.33
  • Front End C50 Fork top nuts (pair)
    £ 20.00
  • Front End C51 Lower fork yoke allen screws (2) (not pre � 72)
    £ 4.65
  • Front End C54 Screws nuts washers bolts for front mudguard & stays (including screws to replace alloy rivets) (Pre Mk.III)
    £ 7.23
  • Front End Mk.III (C54)
    £ 6.15
  • Front End C55 Fork drain plugs Allen head (2)
    £ 0.82
  • Front End C56 Wheel spindle pinch bolt nut & washer
    £ 2.14
  • Front End C57 Front wheel spindle
    £ 26.00
  • Front End C58 Front wheel nut
    £ 3.31
  • Brakes Front and Rear C59 Front calliper bolts spring & plain washer (2)
    £ 3.35
  • Brakes Front and Rear C60 Rear calliper bolts spring & plain washer (2) (Mk.III)
    £ 3.07
  • Brakes Front and Rear C61 Bolts & spring washer for disc to hub (5)
    £ 6.06
  • Brakes Front and Rear C63 Stop light switch bolts nuts & washers (on rear brake lever) Not Mk. III (2)
    £ 1.30
  • Brakes Front and Rear C64 Rear brake lever adjusting bolt & nut. Not Mk.III (1)
    £ 0.99
  • Brakes Front and Rear C65 Bleed Nipple
    £ 5.02
  • Carbs C66 Allen screws for bowl and top (8)
    £ 4.67
  • Carbs C67 Manifold to cylinder head allen screws & washers (4)
    £ 3.49
  • Carbs C68 Manifold to carb. Nuts with spring washers (4)
    £ 1.28
  • Carbs C69 Air filter cover allen screws. (plastic box type)
    £ 1.65
  • Carbs C70 Mk. I and Fastback air filter box long bolts (2)
    £ 5.25
  • Exhaust System C71 Balance pipe nuts bolts & washers (4)
    £ 4.81
  • Exhaust System C73 Nut & washer for rubber mountings (8)
    £ 2.56
  • Exhaust System C74 Silencer to bracket bolts washers (4)
    £ 3.49
  • Exhaust System C75 Silencer bracket to footrest plates bolts & nuts
    £ 7.72
  • Footrest Mounting C76 Mk.III Footrest nut (1) Offside
    £ 2.09
  • Footrest Mounting C77 Bolts nuts & washers for footrest arms (6) (Pre Mk.III)
    £ 5.33
  • Footrest Mounting C78 Bolts nuts & washers for footrest arms (6) (Mk.III)
    £ 6.72
  • Footrest Mounting C79 Bolts Nuts & washers for footrest plates to frame
    £ 11.16
  • Footrest Mounting C80 Nut for Zener diode with spring washers (Domed)
    £ 0.93
  • Footrest Mounting C81 Nut for footrest pins (2) (Not Mk.III)
    £ 1.68
  • Footrest Mounting C83 Spacers for C84 (2)
    £ 2.16
  • Footrest Mounting C84 Bolts & washers for footrest lugs (2)
    £ 3.63
  • Rear Wheel C85 Rear wheel spindle
    £ 26.00
  • Rear Wheel C86 Rear spindle nut (1) (Not Mk. III)
    £ 3.53
  • Rear Wheel C87 Rear spindle spacer (1) (Not Mk. III)
    £ 2.97
  • Rear Wheel C88 Mk.III Driveside selflock nut for spindle
    £ 4.36
  • Rear Wheel C89 Rear spindle beveled washer (CNC machined)
    £ 1.50
  • Rear Wheel C91 MK1 & 2 Chain adjuster bolts and lock nuts
    £ 9.64
  • Rear Wheel C92 Mk.III Chain adjuster bolts & nuts (2)
    £ 2.69
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C97 Rear damper lower bolts nuts large washers (2)
    £ 6.24
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C99 Oil pipe Jubilee clips (6)
    £ 13.09
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C100 Breather pipe Jubilee clip (1)
    £ 2.53
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C101 Oil filter Jubilee clip (1)
    £ 4.51
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C102 Bolts for oil filter (2)
    £ 2.03
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C103 Chain guard bolts nuts & washers (2)
    £ 3.11
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C104 Exterior screws washers for tail lamp (5)
    £ 1.65
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C105 Coil bolts & washers (4)
    £ 2.73
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C106 Nut & washer for oil tank rubber mounts (4)
    £ 1.14
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C108 Petrol tap nuts (2)
    £ 3.13
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C109 Petrol tap thin locknuts (2)
    £ 2.12
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C114 Large washer for petrol tank front mounts (2)
    £ 0.66
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) C116 Narrow clip for top of fork gaiters (2)
    £ 5.15
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) Carb. Banjo bolt
    £ 3.17
  • Miscellaneous (All Stainless) Rocker feed banjo bolt
    £ 3.36
Showing 1 - 84 of 84 items

About us

37 Years of acquiring an outstanding reputation for service and quality

Now in our 37th year of manufacturing and supplying stainless steel fasteners, we can say without fear of contradiction that we now offer the widest range and best quality fasteners available, mostly with off the shelf availability.

ALL our fasteners are stainless steel and go through a polishing process to make them bright instead of the dull grey colour which is common with mass produced stainless fasteners.

All our metric, UNC, UNF and BSW hexagon bolt heads above M5/3/16" are machined to remove ugly stamped lettering and give a flat machined finish. Our Cycle (BSC, BSCY) BSF and Metric fine bolts have a shallow dome head.

We are based in Batley, West Yorkshire. Callers are welcome but we advise contacting us first to make sure we are there as we do not keep regular shop hours (and like to go out for lunch!).


  • Excellent service, good quality product, very fast delivery, well packed. Many thanks.

    Tony Jessop

  • First class service -Superb quality these fixings give the finishing touch to any restoration! many thanks!

    Alan Rowlands

  • Dear Sir,

    Thank you for an excellent service. Screws ordered yesterday arrived by first post this morning. I got your advert in the Old Bike Mart. I will inform members of our local classic vehicle club of your products and service.


    Ken Munro

  • That was impressive. My order arrived this morning! Very smart narrow "Jubilee" clips.

    Thank you.

    N. Van Pelt

  • Everything is good!

    Lorenz Haalboom

  • My Norton Commando is fitted with Middleton stainless screws throughout since 1983. And what should I say? Every nut, bolt and wheel spindle is still looking brand spanking new. What else could one wish for? Full marks.

    L. Philipp

  • Martyn Adams here formally of Serco in the uk. Guys you have now found the source of the of the Highest quality S/S fasteners on the planet, the attention to detail, the rummbled polished finish is absolute 2nd to None! Superb range and service,I get comments from my own clients asking where did I get the fasteners ? Price ? you only have to buy once ..trouble is you will be back for more !

  • Congratulations on a truly exceptional service level.

    Via your website a few minutes before 10am yesterday I ordered a total of 221 items in 11 different styles and sizes.

    Today just after 9am the complete and correct order arrived on my desk.

    That's truly outstanding.

    You deserve all the success you get.

    Pilling Bodyshop

  • What a great pleasure it is for me to deal with a true proffesional "nuts & bolt" man, and to talk to someone who really knows the business. I have to say that in this day and age, there are not many true high quality, down to earth engineers left in our "once great country". Apart from the magnificent delivery system that you employ, the quality of the manufactured items from your company are of true "tool room" standard items!

    G. J. Hawkins

  • I have placed a few small orders with you over the past couple of years and am delighted at product quality and speed of order processing and delivery. Ihave had no hesitation in passing on your name and contact details to others in the vehicle preservation scene.

    K. D. Richardson

  • Just a note to say thanks for your excellent service and products. For the third time I have had your packages arrive the day after my on-line orders were sent so many thanks to you and of course the post office service you use. A very satisfied customer.

    Best wishes.

    C. Fagg

  • I just had to email you to say your service is still 1st class! I used to live in West Yorkshire and ordered stainless from you back in the mid 80's and later in the 90's, (and did make one visit to your shop!) back when I had to fill in a A4 order form, which came with the catalogue you sent.....time spent writing "hex head, metric course, M6x20" for example!... And now, online, adding to basket, so much easier!... One thing thats not changed, is how quick the turnaround is on an order! Brilliant! Long may you continue!

    S. Fothergill

  • Many thanks for the prompt oder, the order was placed on Wed 20th June and opened by me on Thurs 21st June!, Excellent service, top quality fasteners, very well finished.

    S. Futham

  • Dear Mr Middleton,

    Many thanks for the immediate response to my plea for help with the identification and replacement of the machine screws which I sent to you last week.

    The reason I did not identify which machine they came from was that I did not think that "A Singer 9 Le Mans Coupe" would be of any particular help.

    Regardless, the screws will do the job perfectly, and I can now rebuild the windscreen assembly. Many thanks, further orders to follow.

    J. Littlewood

  • Highly recommended. Great Service